Infor Motion

Unlock the power of existing enterprise solutions and give your employees access to the systems, processes, and information they need anytime, anywhere with Infor Motion. Our broad and continually expanding portfolio of mobile applications gives you information on the go, allowing you to increase response times, improve decision making, and build a workforce that's proactive, agile, and adaptable.

Infor Motion applications

Get a sophisticated platform for provisioning, managing, and building mobile applications that make it easy to keep your company on the move.

Infor Motion Road Warrior

Act faster and work smarter with this specialized application that lets you take full advantage of your mobile device's capabilities. You can access critical customer information with embedded businesses intelligence anytime, anywhere, as well as capture information while out in the field.

Infor Motion Activity Deck

Prevent bottlenecks in your business process through mobile alerts, approvals, and tasks delivered right to your smartphone or tablet device. You'll be able to take action on pending items and keep business moving.

Infor Motion Shop Floor

Manage production as it happens around you with untethered access to information via mobile devices. Give supervisors fingertip control of every point-whether it's materials,people, or resources-that touches a job on its way to completion.

Infor Motion Warehouse Director

Get real-time access to inventory information and drill down to details using your mobile device. You'll be able to make updates on the fly and manage warehouse operations while you are on the floor.

Infor Motion Query & Analysis

Approve transactions, drill down to transactional details, and monitor business performance anytime, from anywhere.

Infor Motion Dashboards

Get the information you need to monitor key performance indicators in a consolidated, user-friendly dashboard format that can be accessed on the go.

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